There’s a party goin’ on right here!

Me and Nathan at Mezz (Madeline is looking on)

Me and Nathan at Mezz (Madeline is looking on)

Last night (Friday, Saturday 13), upon walking home from an evening at the pub with some coursemates, I thought it would be a quiet night at the flat and I’d be in bed around 10:30 p.m. (I know, it’s crazy to willingly go to bed at 10:30 p.m. on a Friday night).

Well, upon arriving back at the flat and hearing the noise emanating from the third floor, I realized there was no way that was going to be an early night. Fair enough, Phil (whose name I kept bloody forgetting) was celebrating his birthday yesterday, so folks – from not only my building but from the other buildings that are part of my complex – came out in force to party. So after drinks and drinking games, we all boarded taxis to this club in the city centre named Mezz…

Phil (the birthday boy), Ferg and Tom (I think that's his name)

Phil (the birthday boy), Ferg and Tom (I think that’s his name)

Where the night started out unforgettably (for a lack of a better word) because Phil threw up shortly after getting out of the taxi (Seb had to take him back to the flat). Anyway, I had fun at Mezz. I’m not sure if I’m dying to return there (They played a lot of house, which is not my favourite kind of dance music), but it was fun to go out with my flatmates.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I really think the line “There’s a party goin’ on right here” from Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration” could sum up life at the flat. The last couple of nights, there has been major partying at the flat. Thursday night/Friday morning, I heard lots of chatter and loud music (I think) at three a.m. So it certainly seems like life won’t be boring at the flat.

Actually, Kenn (an American who’s been a part of the Responsible Tourism Management course at Leeds Met) said after telling him the flat I’d be staying at (which I chose because it was the least expensive option), “Be prepared to live with a bunch of young kids.” I had totally forgotten about that piece of advice until I arrived here.

I don't think Jorge can explain this while Trish enjoys a beer.

I don’t think Jorge can explain this while Trish enjoys a beer.

So at the very least, I have to hang out quite often with folks my age to maintain any sense of sanity. Fortunately, the last two days, I’ve had some drinks with people from my course. Not everyone taking part in the course has arrived in Leeds yet, but the people I’ve met so far have been fun to chat with and I look forward to spirited discussions in class (Yesterday, while talking with Sara, Jorge and Maxi, we touches on topics such as religion, cultural assimilation and responsible tourism [of course]). Quite fun having debates over a beer or two.

Maxi (German) and Sara (Swiss) at the pub last night

Maxi (German) and Sara (Swiss) at the pub last night

Meanwhile, yesterday, I got my first piece of mail since arriving in Leeds. This may sound silly but I hadn’t been totally sure what my mailing address was. But I was happy to see my absentee ballot in my room (I’m still not sure how mail gets delivered to my flat. By the way, the absentee ballot is for the U.S. Senate election in New Jersey next month), and I cast my Cory Booker vote earlier today).

The first piece of mail I got in Leeds

The first piece of mail I got in Leeds

Hopefully, I’ll get more great pieces of mail 🙂


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  1. great post bro. glad to see you are having a blast and meeting some great people! remember Pound Land is great for cheap groceries (if they have them down south…they were all over Scotland). Go Cory Booker…love that guy!

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