So Bloody Knackered

One of the goodies I had at a party last night

One of the goodies I had at a party last night

Two nights ago (Friday, September 20), I mentioned in a Facebook status update that I was “so bloody knackered” (British slang for “very tired”). It’s one thing to be very tired in the library (where I spend a lot of time now because my computer problems still haven’t been solved), but it’s another thing to be tired where I was late last night/early this morning…

Which was a party. A dude named Chris organized a party for members of Leeds’ CouchSurfing community (Actually, all cool people were welcome to come – if they knew about it). I was planning on taking the bus there, as the party was going to be held in a part of town I was unfamiliar with. But Jake (someone else planning on attending the party) suggested taking a taxi.

A great idea except that after getting out of taxi, none of us (An Aussie named Jake, me, an Indonesian named Angelia and a Hong Kong native named Milene) knew where the hell the party was being held (We had to give the taxi driver directions to reach the vicinity – do taxi drivers in this country use GPS?) or had Chris’ phone number. Fortunately, a friendly soul who happened to be driving in the vicinity gave us tips on how to reach our destination.

Javier and me (looking tired) at the party

Javier and me (looking tired) at the party

As for the actual party, it was fun as I saw some people I met a few days prior at the Hourglass in addition to meeting some new interesting people. The shindig actually doubled as a CS gathering/birthday party for a gal named Yulia. But the awesome thing was I met two people — the previously mentioned Jake and a bloke named Oliver – who have actually travelled in Japan. The former mentioned that he’s planning to return to 日本 later this year to work in Hakuba.

Yulia - the birthday girl

Yulia – the birthday girl

But instead of concentrating on having a super, super great time, I was focusing more on fending off fatigue. I woke up at 7 a.m. yesterday (I’ll explain why) and I didn’t take a nap throughout a day so obviously when it got to around one a.m., I felt quite tired. We (Jake, Milene, Angelia and I) arrived at the party relatively early, so we were there a long time. Maybe five-and-a half to six hours in my case. There were times I really wanted to take a nap at the party instead of socializing. I didn’t end up taking a nap, but I spent more time thinking about how tired I was and how much I wanted to go to bed instead of socializing. As it was getting past two a.m., folks were calling up taxis to get back home (I wanted to share one in order to split the cost). I’m a bit peeved I wasn’t able to catch a taxi earlier (I couldn’t get in one of them because it was too full) so when I was finally able to hit the pillow (after walking roughly 35 minutes to my flat) at four a.m., I was so relieved.

Anyway, well before the party, I woke up early to go on a run, which was nice. But as I was concluding the run, I was quite peeved at myself. I was finishing up at Hyde Park (near my place) when I saw an organized group of runners, which was obviously great but surprising. As it turns out, they were participating in a weekly Park Run – a free weekly timed 5k run. My bud Yassin had told me it’s a common event in British cities, but I totally forgotten about it. I’m planning on taking part next week.

Where I worked out for free

Where I worked out for free

Speaking of exercising, I went to the gym today for the first time since… well, Yamagata Prefecture (I recently learned about a 10km race in Leeds on November 17, and I’m interested). I received an offer for a free day at a gym in the city centre. I figured I go today, and it was great. Well, other than feeling sore afterwards but I needed a somewhat difficult workout. I ran 14 km on the treadmill in less than an hour and I did some weightlifting (not a frequent occurrence). Afterwards, I relaxed in the Jacuzzi for roughly ten minutes. I can’t remember the last time I was in a Jacuzzi, so it was a sight for sore muscles 🙂

Sam, Rhys, Ben and Dom at the Royal Park Pub during the Manchester Derby

Sam, Rhys, Ben and Dom at the Royal Park Pub during the Manchester Derby

Meanwhile, the Manchester Derby was today, and I watched the match at the pub nearest to my flat with one of my flatmates, Ben, and his mates, who came up for the day. Actually, they’re all from the Manchester area, so they had a keen interest in the match, as did most football fans in the UK (Ben, Sam and Rhys said they were pulling for City, while Dom was pulling for United). I’m not a supporter of either side, but I can’t stand United so I was quite pleased that City played some brilliant football on their way to a 4-1 victory.


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