Welcome to Leeds Met…and work

Lots of parents and students headed to Leeds Met this weekend.

Lots of parents and students headed to Leeds Met this weekend.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a position as an student ambassador at Leeds Met. Actually, I still don’t know what my exact duties as a student ambassador are but this weekend, I did some work in the job. Leeds Met hosted its Undergraduate Open Days yesterday and today, and lots of parents and students came to both the Headingley and City Campuses (All my classes are in Headingley) to learn more about the university.

My responsibility at the Open Days was to be an event steward – more or less direct parents and students to the right room for presentations of courses students might be interested. And it’s safe to say, a whole lot of students are interested in studying music – whether it might be Music Production, Music Technology or Audio Engineering. All four presentations for the music courses were packed. Anyway, at times the two days were a bit boring but overall, I enjoyed them.

Parents and students got a touch of Leeds Met

Parents and students got a touch of Leeds Met

GiffGaff on its tour

GiffGaff on its tour

Otherwise, I can’t say I had the most exciting of weeks (well, the class trip to the South Pennines was a lot of fun. I touched on that in the previous blog entry). But on Monday, earlier today, I walked myself into two free vegetarian hot dogs (Yes, they do exist!). Giffgaff – a British mobile phone network – was sending some employees on a tour of British cities, and they gave away free hot dogs. The best thing about their visit was… they gave away free vegetarian ones πŸ™‚ And they were quite delicious. More importantly, I made to the Japanese gathering – the gathering for the Japan Society of Leeds Uni – at the Eldon, where I met up with Satoshi and Kotomi (a Nagoya native – I think she’s a Nagoya native).

Satoshi and Kotomi talking at the Eldon

Satoshi and Kotomi talking at the Eldon

But also, I’ve been feeling a bit stressed. Not surprising because I always feel stressed when I think about classwork. I may not have done as well as I had hoped on my first assignment for one of my classes. That’s not to say I did poorly. But as not as well as I should have done. I’m kind of dreading finding out what the final mark will be. In addition, I have a big assignment due on Monday, November 4. That assignment should be fun, and it would be more fun if I weren’t a bit rushed. I have some other coursework I need to get done this week.

However, don’t despair. This upcoming week should be fun, and I’ll certainly keep you updated about it. Last night, several coursemates and I had some delicious Vietnamese food (One person in our course is Vietnamese) at Cristina’s apartment. I thought I had made a mistake by telling not telling Trang (my Vietnamese coursemate) that I’m vegetarian but fortunately, there were things for me to eat πŸ™‚

I forgot what this was but it was delicious...

I forgot what this was but it was delicious…


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