For Lucy....

For Lucy….

I wasn’t sure how I would start my latest blog entry as this week hasn’t been the most exciting of weeks (of course, they all can’t be). But anyway this morning, I participated in the Park Run and it was… freezing!

(I don’t have any pictures from today’s Park Run. I had more important things on my mind than taking pictures)

Last week, the weather was quite nice during the Abbey Dash. It wasn’t warm but not too cold at all. I felt fine during the race. But today, I just had a feeling early on during the Park Run – maybe within a minute in – that this wouldn’t be my day. My hands felt so cold. My legs felt fine but the pavement felt a bit like an ice skating rink at times. I didn’t come close to slipping but I had to be a bit cautious. I ended up finished seventh. I don’t know what my time was but I’m sure it was slower than it normally is.

I obviously know that I should be wearing running gloves this time of year. After today’s Park Run, I bought some running gloves for just under £5. Not bad but I blew the opportunity to possibly buy some running gloves for £1 (long story) just after the Abbey Dash.

Anyway, after today’s Park Run, I spent some time chilling with Lana and Nishant. They said they got engaged recently 🙂

As for the most exciting thing that I’ve done since the Abbey Dash, last Monday I saw a fascinating documentary named The Human Scale that was screened as part of the Leeds Film Festival. The trailer is below:

In short, the documentary examines the relationship between human interaction and the layout of cities. How cities are built determines how much people interact with each other and also their behaviour. The filmmakers take viewers to New York, Copenhagen, Christchurch, among other locations. If people are emphasized more in urban planning than vehicles, cities will become a lot better place to live. I’m so glad I had an opportunity to see the film. Watch the trailer above.

Anyway, I’m sure you noticed a picture of Winnie the Pooh in this blog. Mr. Pooh is making an appearance here because… Well, one of my module tutors (i.e. professors) Lucy is going on maternity leave. Her last day in the office was yesterday. She has taught two of our modules, and I enjoy her lessons and her sense of humour. I think we all like her, so we decided to do something special for her. I got a stuffed Winnie the Pooh figure for her and her baby boy. I think Lucy liked it.

A goodie we had to celebrate Lucy's giving birth

A goodie we had to celebrate Lucy’s giving birth

Celebrating Claudia's birthday

Celebrating Claudia’s birthday

But a couple of days beforehand (Tuesday, November 19), another of my coursemates, Claudia, celebrated her birthday. So we met up in Headingley to eat some pizza, which was great. Except for the fact that I didn’t eat pizza – the pizza was a bit expensive for my liking. There are definitely places to find inexpensive pizza. However, they’re not in restaurants.

Jeremy (who runs a publishing company), Emily (a professor), Curdella and Desiree (who are both writers).

Jeremy (who runs a publishing company), Emily (a professor), Curdella and Desiree (who are both writers).

And last night, as part of Leeds Met’s Black History Month celebrations, a book reading was staged on the City. Two writers, Curdella Forbes and Desiree Reynolds book read portions of their latest books. While I wish there could have been more people in the audience and I tend to get more out reading when I’m actually holding the book in my hands, I did enjoy the reading. It was also interesting to hear their perspectives on Jamaica – Forbes was born in Jamaica but currently lives in the United States and is a professor at my sister’s alma mater, Howard University. Reynolds was born in London but has worked as a freelance writer for the Jamaica Gleaner. She actually told me she did her work based in London and spent a lot of time covering Carnival meetings, which she added were quite boring. But anyway, I would love to read there books – but of course, I’m drowned in schoolwork.


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