About to Cross the Channel

Eglise de Jeanne d'Arc

Eglise de Jeanne d’Arc

The first twelve days of 2014 haven’t really been exciting, as I haven’t done much other than compete in four ParkRuns. Despite the fact I don’t have any lectures this month, I have been busy working to complete an assignment that’s due tomorrow (Monday, January 13). I thought I had finished it a couple of days ago, but I spent quite a bit of time reworking it.

Anyway, as for yesterday’s ParkRun, I did quite well, finishing third in 17:29. Unfortunately, I seem to have plateaued (Stuart’s word). But I had my best run in some time.

Le Gros Horloge

Le Gros Horloge

However, the most exciting thing happening for right now is I’m going to France on holiday. I’m spending roughly six days in France and if all goes well, I’ll see a lot of people I know there. Here are some pictures from the time I lived in France.

Where I lived...

Where I lived…

The Tram in Grenoble...

The Tram in Grenoble…




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