I’m back

Maybe the best pic of Castle Howard I took

Maybe the best pic of Castle Howard I took

You might be wondering where I’ve gone since I haven’t blogged much in the last few weeks. I can’t say February was the most exciting of months but it saw the resumption of my lessons. I completed an assignment due tomorrow (Monday, March 3) but just like others during my time in Leeds, I will continue to look over it a million times.

In February, I spent more time than expected watching the Olympics, so I found out who the likes of Jennie Jones and Lizzy Yarnold are while watching way too much of a sport I still have no clue what the rules are – curling. Both British curling teams did medal in Sochi so I’m happy about that.

The picture came out this way because I was trying to avoid the sun.

The picture came out this way because I was trying to avoid the sun.

Those of us who made it out to Castle Howard

Those of us who made it out to Castle Howard

This picture came out well...

This picture came out well…

Perhaps the most worthwhile things that happened classwise in February was a field trip to the Castle Howard. I had never heard of it before I found out we were going there and I still wasn’t exactly sure where it was until the day of the trip. But the castle is not terribly far from Leeds and easily accessible from the centre of York – although the place has the air of being in the middle of nowhere.

After about an hour in a minivan, my coursemates and I met up with employees of the Castle Howard to discuss issues relating to tourism. I took some notes during the conversation but unfortunately, I left my notebook at a pub (where we ate lunch) not too far from the castle. But I remember hearing or reading for roughly 300 years that the Howard family has inhabited the castle. It’s obviously expensive to maintain, so visitors are charged entry fees. There were very few visitors when we came (a bunch of kids were present) but if memory serves me correct, roughly 230,000 visitors come to the Castle annually and there seems to be enough to entertain them. In the summer, a triathlon takes place at the Castle Howard and as well as several concerts. One of the employees mentioned that throughout the years, Tom Jones and Meatloaf have performed at the Castle Howard.

Now since I’m back into the swing of class and papers, I’m somewhat concerned about neglecting my social life (Not that I’ve ever had the most banging social life ever). But today, I went to my second raw food potluck – this one in Horsforth, a section of Leeds. I really don’t know if raw food is to my liking but I enjoyed the social aspects of the party I went to in late January. So another raw food potluck was on the cards, and today’s edition was held in an easier-to-reach setting than the one in February.

While the food was mediocre at best, it was nice just to listen to the conversations about food, life, health treatments, etc. I arrived shortly after folks had started eating so I spent most of the time listening. Steve – the organizer and host of the potluck – discussed his future and his plans to sell his shit and go travelling across the world. He gave me the impression that’s what he really wants to do. Anyway, it was a different kind of gathering where the focus was on conversations – instead of technology (Steve doesn’t have a TV and there were no audio devices playing music). I wish I was more into raw food but I’ll try to make another gathering…

And provide more exciting news this month.


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