Brown(ies), Green and Purple (Haze)


What I made…

Having just completed one relatively fun weekend, I could be in store for a monstrously fun next weekend. That only depends on one word: “if.” I won’t bore you with the details, but I hate it when I say to myself, “If this takes place” or “If that place.” Hopefully, my next blog entry will be full of fun stories.

But anyway, last Wednesday afternoon brought some stress. Not about an assignment, but… brownies. Yes, brownies. A tradition has developed in one of my classes (I guess it could be considered a tradition). A chosen one brings something edible for the rest of us to enjoy. It was my turn last week, and one thing quickly popped into my head: brownies. They’re pretty delicious and obviously popular.

Maybe too popular. It became apparent when I saw so many different recipes for brownies. Which actually stressed me out a bit because I had no intention of spending the time or mental energy making something fancy. Fortunately, the directions on some brownie mix I bought made everything seem pretty simple…

Until the morning of the big day, I forgot to cool off the brownies before slicing them. Figuring they would be unsuitable for everyone else, I rushed to buy some more brownie mix. I gave the brownies the proper cooling off them before slicing them. And… everyone was quite pleased 🙂 There was a concern that I would forget my duty – Maxi was delighted that I remembered it. Maybe, I should make brownies more often.

The second batch of brownies I made

The second batch of brownies I made

I'm not sure how popular it is in the UK

I’m not sure how popular it is in the UK

A big event in town eight days ago

A big event in town eight days ago

Onto non-food related happenings, last Monday was St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not sure if I’d describe it as my favourite holiday but the sight of everyone dressing up in green in the United States has always been hilarious. While I didn’t partake in anything fun on March 17, the city’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade/celebration – held the previous day in Millennium Square – was the place to be.

Doesn't this look more Scottish than Irish?

Doesn’t this look more Scottish than Irish?

Where upon arrival – as evidence by the picture immediately above – you could be forgiven for thinking you had attended a Scottish festival. But sanity quickly appeared as members of Irish dance groups and local Irish organizations marched during the procession. Interestingly (or oddly) enough, one of the floats was inspired by the Tour de France, which comes to Leeds this summer.

The start of the procession...

The start of the procession…

Flying proudly...

Flying proudly…

Where else would people go?

Where else would people go?

Of course, when just about everyone thinks of Ireland (or the Irish), beer comes to mind. I didn’t have any during the celebration – I didn’t feel like spending the money and I don’t like drinking by myself. But something popped into my mind: Has Ireland produced any famous beers other than Guinness? And also, what food is Ireland famous for? Maybe, Ireland’s culinary reputation is as bad as England.

(If you have answers to the questions, I’d love to hear them!)

Purple Haze all in my brain...

Purple Haze all in my brain…

As you might be able to gather from the picture above, there was a bit of Hendrix this weekend for me. There’s a café/restaurant in town called the White Cloth Gallery that also hosts photography exhibitions. I had never been there but I saw on its website it’s home to a Jimi Hendrix exhibition for the time being. So the White Cloth Gallery was totally worth a visit.

(As I soon I entered the building, I realized I had walked past it when I was exploring Leeds with Genba)



The exhibition is titled the Jimi Hendrix Experience and all of the photos were taken by Gered Mankowitz, a prominent rock-and-rock photographer in the 1960s. Some of them included his bandmates in the Experience and appeared in black-and-white. But one word associated with Hendrix is psychedelic and fortunately enough, one photo was described as being in “psychedelic blue” while another was in “psychedelic purple.” I actually didn’t know that psychedelic shades of colours existed.

(Interestingly enough, Jimi Hendrix performed in Leeds. Click here to read about it: Hendrix Experiences Leeds)

But the most important thing is that the word “psychedelic” popped into my brain again.


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