On vacation…. well, not really

Not the first place I would choose to spend a Saturday

Not the first place I would choose to spend a Saturday

Well, technically, as of four p.m. yesterday (Thursday, April 10), holiday started. No lectures or lessons for two weeks and that means…

More time in front of a computer. Working on assignments. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that we would be having two weeks off until recently. My flatmate Ben told me that he would be getting two weeks off. But I wasn’t sure if that was the case until recently. Despite have two weeks of no lectures, I probably won’t be doing anything exciting. I considered going to Scotland but to make a long story short, that won’t be happening.

On the train to Skipton...

On the train to Skipton…

I may not be visiting Scotland this month but I did go somewhere new last Saturday – Skipton. Not because I super wanted to but I did as part of an assignment for class. I’ve mentioned (at least, I think I have) that we’re working with tourism stakeholders in Ilkley – basically trying to find out why more people aren’t staying overnight there. Diana and I went to Skipton – a small Yorkshire town that’s a rival tourist destination of Ilkley – to conduct surveys of visitors to Skipton.

After a roughly 35-minute train ride (A round-trip train tick from Leeds to Skipton usually costs £9.30. But I only paid £2.40 – quite legally, I might add), we took up spots near the Tourism Information Centre to ask people after their visit to Skipton and their feelings about Ilkley. We went on a Saturday because that’s the big market day in Skipton.

And well… conducting man-on-the street surveys was a bit more difficult than expected. Fortunately, we did get more people than expected to fill the surveys. One of the ladies I spoke to seemed quite enthusiastic to meet me. But unfortunately, I really was unsure about how to approach people to ask if they were interesting in filling out the survey. Also, some people really didn’t seem like they were interested in taking time to fill out the survey. We probably would’ve had better luck at the train station since people waiting for the trains may have been more willing to answer questions.

Typical market scene

Typical market scene

My Saturday night...

My Saturday night…

Unfortunately, our group (the Responsible Tourism Management group at Leeds Met) has gotten a little smaller. Maxi is going back home to Germany this weekend, so we’ve had a couple of farewell gatherings for her. One of which was at a bar in Headingley called Woodies, which is like 10-plus minutes away from the main strip of bars in Headingley (Oddly enough, I ran into somewhere there I usually see on Tuesday nights with the running group). Woodies seems to be a place I’d return to – at least, clientele seems to be a bit older than in the bars on the main Headingley strip. Meaning they aren’t the obnoxious group of university students.

Afterwards, we hit up a couple of more places in the city centre that unfortunately weren’t as good as Woodies. It doesn’t help that one of the cheapest beers was £3.60. Oh well. Headingley always seems a better bet for a good beer.

I wonder why it took me this long to find this....

I wonder why it took me this long to find this….


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