Art, Food and a Celebrity Sighting…


Interesting building

Sometimes, there are most fun events are the least anticipated ones. And the ones you don’t think about bringing a camera for.

I had signed up to work at an Art, Architecture and Design Showcase last Friday (June 6), not knowing what the hell it really was. But hey, I’d be getting paid.

And what is the showcase? It’s an annual exhibition featuring the art works of students at Leeds Met. Last Friday was the first day and it runs until Friday, June 13. A lot of student ambassadors signed up to work and along with someone named Sheryl, I basically assisted in Building B of the Broadcasting Place of Leeds Met’s City Campus. I was handed the very crucial responsibility of saying, “Good evening. Feel free to take some wine.”

(A lot of visitors seemed to enjoy the wine. We seemed to be out of wine by 8 p.m. – the exhibition ran from 6 to 9 p.m.).


Art was the thing on Friday night…

However, there were some awesomely fun things about the evening. On the floor Sheryl and I were working on, there were some awesome carvings of famous faces onto food. Foolish little me neglected to bring a camera but I remember President Obama’s face being carved onto some food. There were also so many visitors to our floor, which made it a great scene for people watching. Some of visitors were appropriately dressed for dinner at an upscale restaurant while others… well, some visitors resembled members of a rock band.

And for all of hard work in making the event run smoothly, all of the student ambassadors were rewarded with free pizza. Free Pizza Hut pizza 🙂 We should have been told something good would be awaiting us during our break time. I wouldn’t have stuffed myself prior to work.

Anyway, the next morning saw me earn my third ParkRun victory, completing the 5km in exactly 17 minutes 🙂 Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to reward all the finishers by showering them with rain just at the finish line 😦


How many names does he have?

He didn't do that much rapping...

He didn’t do that much rapping…

However, getting rained on at the ParkRun definitely wasn’t the most abnormal aspect of my Saturday. As evidenced by the title of this blog entry, a certain someone came to Leeds: Calvin Broadus, Jr. Better known as Mr “Fo’ shizzle ma nizzle.”

Truth be told, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Snoopster’s music as I can only name a few songs of his. However, I love his persona. That man is so unbelievably cool – he has an easygoing, fun personality. On Saturday night/Sunday morning, he was hitting up a club named Control, which is in running/walking distance from my flat. So I figured that since I won the ParkRun on Saturday, I should treat myself to something fun. So I splashed the £20 on a ticket since Snoop seemingly equals fun.


That’s what he basically did

But as soon as I got there, I kinda wanted to bounce. Maybe because staying out until two or three a.m. at clubs is losing its appeal to me (Not that I’ve ever been a super big clubber). Quite possibly, I didn’t like the vibe at Control. I was standing near the stage for most of the night and at times, it felt like six people were trying to fit into a phone booth where I was.

Anyway, Snoop took the stage sometime between 12:30 and 1 a.m. and as expected, mostly DJ’ed. After all, it was advertised that “DJ Snoopadelic” would be coming to Leeds so the picture above clearly illustrates what he generally did. He didn’t play too many of his own songs, but he threw down “What’s My Name?” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot” as well as some other relatively modern hits like “Hot in Herre” and “Blurred Lines.” The place did smell like weed a bit but what else would you expect with Snoop Dogg in the house?


It was foodie heaven

But Leeds is probably best enjoyed outside (when the weather cooperates) so yesterday, I hit up the annual Leeds Food and Drink Festival at Millennium Square. Actually, the festival is a two-week event but its highlight is the Food and Drink Show, which is a Friday-to-Sunday shindig. Unlike the last two food festivals I’ve attended, it was totally free to enter. However, I had no desire to sample anything there since getting ripped off was not on my agenda.

If I was willing to, I certainly could have, though. Samples of numerous cuisines were on hand: French, Italian, Thai, Indian, to name a few. At one stand, there was a tremendous selection of American candy on hand. I can’t say I’m homesick for American candy (I did notice there was Dr. Pepper on hand, which I don’t think I can get in this country), but seeing that stand was hilarious. There were also so many delicious cookies and brownies available. Actually, a really delicious, huge £1 cookie was available. Maybe, it’s not good I’m so disciplined 😦

It is what it is...

It is what it is…

this looks like that country across the channel...

this looks like that country across the channel…

Junk food lovers unite!

Junk food lovers unite!


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