Monthly Archives: August, 2014

A Caribbean and 日本-flavoured weekend

It’s a holiday weekend in this country. Well, a bank holiday weekend to be exact (I have no idea what a “bank holiday” is – nor do I feel like looking up the meaning of the phrase on Wikipedia). In any case, this weekend presented no shortage of fun activities in Leeds – such as Leeds …

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I Can See Clearly Now

If I were on the other side of the Atlantic, I would be trying to survive the dog days of summer. But my first August in the land of fish and chips has seen me spend more time outside wearing jeans than shorts… Which is a bit odd considering that May, June and July actually had …

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Bring the Noise!

Well, August welcomed me with sun that never appeared – in addition to dumping me with rain while I cycled back to my flat. For the most part, I haven’t done anything super exciting recently… Except get hooked on the Commonwealth Games – the world’s second largest multisport competition and the British Commonwealth’s version of the Olympic Games. As the …

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