Last weekend in Leeds

My street in Leeds

My street in Leeds

As I’m currently typing this, I probably should be packing since it’s the morning of my departure. I will be later. But I will take you through a quick photo tour of my last weekend in Leeds. Unfortunately, I don’t have my bicycle with me but I went on a nice little walkabout and did quite a bit of picture snapping.

Burley Park Railway Station

Burley Park Railway Station

My first and third residences in Leeds are a short walk from the Burley Park Railway Station. Of course, it’s awesome to live near a train station but I only passed it once (by train) as my trains were much more likely to stop at Leeds Railway Station. And I just happened to be living near the Coach Station the one train I was on stopped at Burley Park. In any case, a decent number of commuters would seem to be on the platforms of the Burley Park Railway Station every morning. Even though I only once saw commuters once on the platforms and never saw huge crowds leaving the station. But it is cool living near a railway station.

Carnegie Pavillon

Carnegie Pavillon

Many of my lectures and seminars were held in the Carnegie Pavillon, which I would often pass by en route to the Headingley campus. The best part of having lectures and seminars at the Carnegie Pavillon? It was a short walk from my first residence. Actually, now that I remember, organizations occasionally held fundraisers in the lobby of the Carnegie Pavillon. Fundraisers complete with cupcakes and other junk food 🙂

“My” library

I spent too much time in the library on the Headingley Campus – but I love the place as it’s spacious and houses copies of several newspapers – such as The Independent, The Daily Telegraph and The Yorkshire Post. In addition, copies of Athletics Weekly (one of the few weekly magazines in the world devoted to track and field) could be found inside.

Where I get my tofu...

Where I get my tofu…

A short bicycle ride away from the Headingley campus lies the Natural Food Store on North Lane, where I would usually pick up my tofu. The Natural Food Store also boasts organic and other very vegetarian-friendly meals (I bought some vegetarian sausage here). I just wish organic food was cheaper.

Leeds City Hall

Leeds City Hall

I would often pass by the Leeds City Hall on bicyle or on foot. Actually, it’s a lot more than a site for boring administrative stuff. Several fun events are held here – such as screenings for films during the Leeds Film Festival and happenings like the Chinese New Year festival.

Another reminder of where I went to school...

Another reminder of where I went to school…

The Rose Bowl - a building on the city campus

The Rose Bowl – a building on the city campus

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in the blog but Leeds Beckett University boasts two campuses – the very lovely and spacious one in Headingley and the more condensed one in the city centre. I really don’t love the city campus but I had my share of fun there. Interesting speakers and panel discussions often came to the Rose Bowl, one of the buildings on the city campus. Actually, Leeds Beckett University’s black history month events were usually held in the Rose Bowl.

I spent a lot of in the above pictured small store

I spent a lot of time in the above pictured store

Some folks in my Wednesday night running group

Some folks in my Wednesday night running group at the Adidas store

I have frequently mentioned the Hyde Park Harriers in this blog but I was a part of a couple of other running groups. One of which met up every Wednesday at six p.m. at the Adidas store on Albion Street. Usually, the runs on Wednesdays were quite relaxed five or seven km strolls. But an awesome part of the Adidas runs is that all participants receive a members card – your card is stamped after each run and following the fourth stamp, you’re treated to free socks. After eight stamps, you get a free bag. And twelve stamps get you 50% off running shoes 🙂 I completed more than thirty runs with the Adidas group 🙂 That said, I really should’ve been treated to free shoes.


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