My favorite websites

A landmark on Ko Samet, Thailand

A landmark on Ko Samet, Thailand

Like a lot of people, I spend way too much time on the Internet. But there are sites I love that you might find interesting. These sites aren’t listed in order of most favorite, second favorite, etc. But I think they’re cool.

Le Monde: France’s best newspaper in my opinion. I use this site to not only catch up on news from France but to pick up new words en français. I’m not a big fan of the layout of the paper version but the website is great.

  Quelque Part Sur Terre: Axelle (a friend of mine that I met during my first seven-month stint working in France) and her partner Fabrice have been traveling through the world for several months. They update their site relatively often, and it’s also a great place for me to pick up French words (The site is completely in French). Unfortunately, I haven’t read as much of their site as I should have, but I love the pictures.

Japan Times: My usual avenue for news in the Land of the Rising Sun. Actually, a dude I met while I was living in Yokohama currently contributes a sports column for the site. Japan Times also features interesting articles with interesting tidbits about Japanese culture I’ve been unaware.

JapanTravel: Japan’s largest English-language travel website. I’ve contributed a bunch of articles for the site, all of which were written after I left Yamagata Precture (in July 2010). For those interested in learning about what Japan has to offer, this is a great site to check out.

HoneyTrek: I have very much become addicted to travel blogs in the last couple of years or so, and this is my favorite one. HoneyTrek is the honeymoon of Mike and Anne Howard, and they’ve traveled throughout South America, Asia, and Europe. Mike and Anne say I’m one of their biggest fans.

Around the World “L”: Lillie Marshall is a Boston school teacher who runs another website, TeachingTraveling, that I was profiled on. Anyway, Around the World “L” documents her around the world trip a couple of years ago and her thoughts about tourist locations.


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  1. Rashaad, we are honored to be one of your favorite travel blog!! So excited for your new adventure and hope we can cross paths soon fellow traveler!

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