Hi, I’m Rashaad

Looking colorful on Ko Samet

Looking colorful on Ko Samet

Well, I’m Rashaad Jorden and welcome to my world.

Which is England 🙂 I am in the UK, getting my masters in Responsible Tourism Management at Leeds Metropolitan University. I am very excited, nervous, scared, worried but eager to tackle a new challenge.

Since leaving Japan in August 2010, I have become addicted to travel blogs. Actually, a regret of mine in Japan (where I have lived three times, including two enjoyable years as a member of the JET Program) was that I didn’t keep a blog of my experience in 日本. More so, when I lived in Yamagata Prefecture (from July 2008 to July 2010). I don’t think people were blogging that much when I lived in Yokohama (from October 2003 to October 2004).

Well, I have another opportunity to live abroad, so I’m not going to waste this opportunity because I think I will have good stories to tell.

Anyway, I loves travel, running, 太鼓 (taiko), the French language, writing, football (soccer), running and reading a good book or two (when my free time isn’t sucked up by the Internet). I look forward to telling you about the good ol’ UK!


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  1. Hi Rashaad, I am writing from Los Angeles, California. I am editor and publisher of monthly Cultural News newspaper. I attended JET reception on Friday in Los Angeles, and was given information about JETAA USA. Today I found your book review on Kaneko Misuzu “Are You an Echo?” the book I just received form the publisher and looking for a book reviewer. I would like to reprint your review in the next issue of Cultural News.
    my email is editor@culturalnews.com Shige Higashi

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